Common Rail Conversion Information

Information for conversions using the Common Rail Cummins engine

1967-1997 Ford Engine Mounts

Common rail engines installed in these pickups must use the same mounts as the 12 and 24 valve engines do.  This being the case the ECM must be relocated so the mount can be installed in the front group of mounting holes, or the mount may be used in the back group of the mount holes on the block if provisions for the mount are made on the truck's frame.  '67-'79 trucks should not be too much of an issue since the mount rests on the top of the frame rail anyway.  The '80-'97 trucks, however will need some sort of a perch welded to the cross member to accomplish this.  

1999-2007 Ford Super Duty Engine Mounts

 Engine mounts for 99 - 07 trucks are designed to completely replace the Dodge Cummins engine mounts.  This allows for the Cummins ECM to remain in it's factory location.  The mounts also allow you to choose whether you would like to use the Vistronic clutch and manual fan or you may choose electric fans.  Both mounting positions are possible with the same set of mounts.

2008-2010 Ford Engine Mounts

We build mounts designed just for the '08-'10 trucks that completely replace the Dodge Cummins mounts.  This was necessary to avoid excessive overhang off the back of the driver side cross member.  The mounts allow the ECM to be mounted in the stock location.  

Remote Power steering tank hose adapters

 We make an adapter to connect the 1999-2007 Super Duty Ford power steering suction hose to the Dodge Cummins power steering pump if it is like the pump shown in the left picture. This allows you to use the Ford power steering reservoir and keep all the return hose plumbing intact.

This adapter is also helpful when installing a Common Rail into a 1967-1997 Ford, but you will have to source a remote power steering tank yourself. 


Wire harness services

            Our wire harness modification services for Common rail engines start out with a basic charge (p/n 1922S) of $425.00.  We take your Ford engine harness and modify it to either plug into the Cummins engine harness (03-04 years only), or we connect it to the Cummins engine harness (05-current).  Consequently, we do not need you to send us your 03-04 Cummins engine harness, but we do need your 05 and newer. We do not provide instructions for wiring for the Common rail Cummins, so unless you can do it yourself with no instructions, these services are always quoted on your estimate, and the necessary basic charge is automatically included in our kit builder.
            For 03-04 Cummins we have two other charges that may apply to your harness build.  If you are using the Dodge vistronic fan, we have to add this connector into your modified harness, since it is not in the engine harness.  The fee for this option (p/n 1924S) is $100.00.  This covers the cost of the connector and our labor to wire it into the modified harness.  This connector is in 04.5 and newer engine harnesses, so this fee does not apply to engines of that year or newer.  In addition to this, all 03-04 Cummins engines that had a manual transmission in the Dodge pickup had a different throttle position sensor, mounted under the battery tray.  This connector is not in the engine harness, so it will need to be added into your harness build.  The fee for this option (p/n 1925S) is $100.00.  This covers the cost of the connector and our labor to wire it into the modified harness.  It is possible to need both of these options if you are using the Cummins fan and you have a manual transmission style engine.
            For 05 and newer Cummins the following other charges may apply.  If you are going to use a 03-04 ECM and do not want to change the rocker box we can swap the 05 and newer injector harness connectors into an 03-04 harness.  This service (p/n 1926S) costs an additional $75.00.  If you are using a 06 - 09 Cummins and want to use the factory SKIM module, we can add the wiring for this module in for an additional $50.00 (p/n 1919S).  Finally if you are using an 06-current Cummins, it is absolutely necessary for us to add in wiring for the Dodge totally integrated power module (the fuse box under the hood).  This module has CAN bus functions that are needed for diagnostics or for aftermarket tuners.  This service (p/n 1927S) costs an additional $200.00.  Please be aware that none of these services include the actual wiring harness needed or modules, it is only the service of making the wiring suitable for use in your Ford.  The 05 and newer Cummins has the Dodge vistronic fan connector already in the engine harness, so the 1924S service does not apply.  However, even though there is only one style of throttle position sensor used with these engines, the 1925S service normally applies since the harness you send generally does not include the Dodge fly-by-wire pedal wire connector. 

*Be aware that there are aftermarket wire harnesses available for the Cummins engines, but they are not complete in the sense that they are already connected to your Ford harness.

Possible Harness Modification Charges for 03-04 Cummins
Basic Charge- 1922S - $550.00
If using a manual trans style tps add- 1925S - $125.00
If you have a 2008-2010 truck, this extra fee applies also- 1923S - $125.00
Possible cost, not including repairs your harness may need - $800.00

Possible Harness Modification Charges for 05 and newer Cummins

Basic Charge- 1922S - $550.00
TPS / APPS wire connector- 1925S - $125.00
TIPM harness service- 1927S - $200.00
SKIM module add in- 1919S - $50.00
If you have a 2008-2010 truck, this extra fee applies also- 1923S - $125.00
Possible cost, not including repairs your harness may need - $1050.00


If you need to pass an emissions test you will also likely need the Check Engine Light to work with your Cummins engine.  We know how!  Call for more information, additional charges for this service apply.

 * Common rail computer test instructions *

       We have instructions we provide our customers for testing a Commonrail engine computer, before installing the engine in a vehicle.  Sometimes the engine computer will have a security issue that will not allow the engine to start.  This requires the computer to be re-flashed. It can be very helpful when scheduling the project, or when ordering a modified harness, to know if the computer needs to be re-flashed or not.  If your computer needs reflashed, refer to the Commonrail electronics info later in this document for further helpful information. Currently only early ’04 programs can be flashed into your ‘05 or older computer. There are several other wires necessary for your Common rail to function properly in your conversion.  We include these wires when we modify your truck’s original engine harness, with instructions.

 * Common rail Engine driven fan options for 99-07 Ford trucks * 

        You have three choices on fans: Aftermarket electric, non-electronic-engine driven, or the stock Dodge vistronic.

It can be best to wait on deciding on what option you will use until you get the engine in the truck and see what you will end up doing with your drive shafts.


Aftermarket Electric-

          We do not recommend this option in most cases.  If you live in a cooler climate or don't work your truck too hard, you may be able to get by with electric fans.  Do not buy fan kits designed to replace the factory engine driven fan in stock configurations- as they are too thick to be any help to you in avoiding the transmission move back.  We have heard back from many guys that used large or even 2 twin fan kits that have had cooling issues.  This is because the fan cfm is not rated behind all the coolers and radiator.  Electric fan manufacturers do not recommend their fans for trucks over a certain GVW.   

Click the link on the right to see the 2 twin fan kits (5000 cfm) that have been used by past customers in the 2003-2007 6.0 to Cummins conversion.

Non-electronic, engine driven-

           You can use a Ford 5.4 clutch with a 99 Power Stroke, or a V-10 (smaller than the P.S.) blade on it.   These blades will bolt right on.  We are not sure about the durability of this combination, but it is an option.  Both of these blades are smaller than the 6.0 blade so they are not as good for trucks that need superior cooling, such as a work truck or trailer puller.  On 6.0 trucks use the existing radiator shroud, but throw away the engine side of the shroud on the 6.0.

           The biggest drawback to this option is that cutting your rear drive shaft and placing the engine in the rear most position with our mounts is a must. This is because the 5.4 fan clutch is longer than the Dodge vistronic clutch.
           The V-10 blades will fit in your 99-02 shroud, but they may be a bit too small for high ambient temperatures or heavy towing. The Power Stroke fans are too big to fit in your existing fan shroud on 99-02 trucks so you will also need to trim the blades or get a 6.0 Ford radiator (03-07), shroud, upper brackets, and fill/expansion tank.  The expansion tank must mount on the driver’s side firewall where it does in the 6.0 trucks.  Two pieces of flat bar bolted to the top edge where the wire loom runs work for mounting.  The hose must go from the expansion tank down to the lower radiator hose or equivalent.  Do not plumb this hose into the driver’s side of the block or the top of the head.  You will only need one of the 3/8” hoses from the top of the radiator to the top section of the tank.

Dodge vistronic-

            This is the original equipment, engine driven radiator fan on the ’03 and newer Cummins engines is a combination viscous/electric clutch fan.

            One advantage to using this option is that when you can place the engine in the middle position (not possible in every truck) you can use the Dodge vistronic clutch, even when you can’t get others in, as it is very space efficient on the Cummins with the 6.0 blade.
            When using this fan in a conversion, you will need the Cummins vistronic wire connector option in your harness build.   
            For 2003-2007 trucks, save your 6.0l fan blade if you have one.  This blade is slightly smaller than the Dodge blade and will fit in a Ford 6.0l fan shroud.  You can discard the part of the shroud that bolts onto the engine, unless you want to make brackets for it to be mounted to the Cummins engine.  The 6.0l blade will bolt right on the Dodge fan clutch.  If you don’t have the Ford blade, you can trim the Dodge blade using a set of dividers to mark the blade and cut it with an abrasive cut off wheel.

            For 2008-2010 use the Cummins fan blades because they move a little more air than the Ford fan blades.  Also the 6.4 diesel fan blades turn the opposite direction when compared to the Cummins fan blades.

* 03-06 Cummins Electronics Information *

Sometimes the ECM (engine control module) has a security issue that will prevent the engine from running. If this is the case, the computer must be re-flashed. 

03 to early 04 common rails that were in front of an automatic transmission are best suited for conversions, due to their having a cable operated throttle position sensor (TPS).  These engines can be identified by the date on the engine, and the TPS bolted to the driver’s side of the engine head.  This type of sensor has two important advantages; it easily accommodates the use of a cable operated cruise control servo, and gas engine type gas pedals.  Gas engine type gas pedals of the same year of truck will interchange with the diesel fly by wire gas pedal in most applications.  If you have an adjustable pedal, we make pedal bracket kits to allow them to pull the Cummins throttle cable. 
04.5 Engines – can be used as they are if the ECM does not require re-flashing. You may need to add a lift pump if yours does not have one on the back of the engine mounted fuel filter. You also may have to use the Dodge gas pedal (some 04.5 engines have the 03-early 04 auto trans style tps, some do not.)  
05 engines use a fly by wire throttle pedal.  These trucks are aslo equipped with an in-tank transfer/lift pump, so you will need to get an aftermarket lift pump, such as the Fass DDRP-04, or a Fass Titanium Series lift pump for the correct application.
We have the connectors for these ‘05 pedals.  They are not in the engine harness, so usually when you buy an engine this connector is not included.  We are able to add these wire connectors into your harness build for an extra fee. You will need to get a throttle pedal for the same year as your engine or state which year throttle pedal you have so we can add the appropriate connector.
06 - 09 engines, including 6.7 Liter- These engines are also usable if the computer and wiring is switched to the earlier style, or you can use them as is with the throttle pedal out of the Dodge (see above throttle pedal information '05+).  Security issues and cruise control can be more of a challenge though.  It’s best to get the SKIM module, key cylinder, and key out of the truck the engine was originally in, and hide it in the Ford.  If you can’t get that then you can get a locksmith to reprogram a new SKIM and the keys, or ask a power tuner company to write you a file to get rid of the SKIM with the VIN of the Dodge the engine was in.  You will need the Dodge totally integrated power module (TIPM) and the ECM for some 05 engines, and all 06 and newer for OBD-II diagnostics.  If the engine had a mass air flow sensor and O2 sensors in the exhaust you may need those too.  Purchasing an entire Dodge donor truck best way to make sure you get all you need.  DCS does not support conversions using 2007-2009 engines when a complete donor truck is not available.

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