Truck: 1989-1994 Ford Diesel IDI F250/F350

Engine: 2003-2012 Common Rail Cummins

Transmission:  1987-1997 Ford 7.3L Diesel Diesel ZF-5 speed

 The kit includes instructions for the adapter kit only, the engine to transmission adapter, the required torque converter adapter set, the required starter, and bolts.

*Before ordering, make sure you have selected the correct adapter plate according to the transmission you are using, and read the important information below:

Supporting parts you need- or may already have- that are not included in this kit are:

- 94-02 Dodge Cummins starter

- intercooler, tubes, boots and clamps

  - Dodge 5 speed flywheel   

 - Clutch

 - Custom pilot bushing

- Miscellaneous bolts, hoses, and fittings

- See the Overview for your truck for other important parts that may apply!

Installation and use information:

- NO grinding is necessary on the transmission bell housing for starter clearance!
- Minimal and insignificant grinding of the Cummins adapter plate bolt bosses may be required, but this does not ruin the Cummins engine block core value.

- The Dodge 5-speed clutch may be used with the Ford release bearing, but we recommend using the South Bend 13" Ford 7.3L Diesel 5-speed clutch and custom flywheel we offer.  This flywheel already has a ball bearing style pilot bearing installed.      

- Using the 2003-2012 Dodge Cummins starter may be possible, but the solenoid wire connector usually hits the oil pan rail- so be prepared to purchase a 1994-2002 Dodge Cummins starter.

Thank you for doing business with Diesel Conversion Specialists, Kalispell, MT USA

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1989-1994 Ford 7.3L IDI ZF 5-speed Manual Transmission to 2003-2012 Common Rail Cummins
Weight: 121.375 lb
Tach Kit Option 10 - 1980-1997 Ford 7.3L Manual Transmission, Common Rail Cummins
Please see the Conversion Overviews for more information about these options and what you may or may not need.
Air Filter Kit Option, 1997 and older trucks