Ford Transmission Control Module Tuning

Posted by Diesel Conversion on Oct 15th 2020

DCS is very pleased to support the use of the Ford 6.0L & 6.4L Automatic Transmission Control Module (TCM) with the Cummins conversion .

The biggest advantages of using the Ford factory TCM is that you keep the tow/haul functions, retain your factory diagnostics with regard to the transmission, and the stock shift quality adaptive function is retained. We recommend our tuning services for the Ford TCM to assure proper transmission operation and to get the most from your conversion. Be certain to complete your conversion, per our instruction manual, before driving your truck. A service fee will apply for the tuning support, plus an HP tuner will also be necessary (DCS is an Authorized Dealer).  Data logs recorded by the customer are required for our Tuning Technicians to tune your transmission to its fullest potential when mated with a Cummins engine. The data logs also allow the Tuning Technicians to confirm proper installation and all needed signals are present.

Q: Can I tune the transmission myself?
A: Due to the complexity and cost of the programming software user adjustability is not practical, although extra tunes may be ordered and flashed in whenever you want. Some parameters can be adjusted with the tuner, such as gear ratio, tire size and full throttle shift points, depending on the particular model of the truck.

Q: How long does the tuning take?
A: The time and number of tunes required varies. Don't be surprised if we have to send you several tunes. Each truck is a little different- one tune, even one that has worked in a truck just like yours, will probably not be enough to get your trans working with the Cummins engine as good as it can be.
Common problems solved by tuning are late shifts, flares between shifts, and late torque converter lockup. Beneficial tuning changes are available as well such as higher automatic downshifts in tow/haul mode, torque converter lockup in as early as 3rd gear and so on. You will need to record information as you drive the truck, also called Data logging, so our technicians can assess the performance of your transmission and make the appropriate changes. Be prepared for several data logs and new calibration files being emailed back and forth. We see a few as two calibration files or as many as six or seven, depending on individual circumstances.

Information on specific combinations:
The 2003 – 2010 6.0L & 6.4L Ford Diesel TCM option works great with automotive Cummins engines from 1989 through 2009. 


*Currently your SCT module does not allow for engine performance tuning

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Make of Truck: Ford
Year of Ford Truck: 2003-2007
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Ford 6.0/6.4 5R110 AT