Toyota 1986-1995 to VW TDI ALH

Posted by Diesel Conversion on Oct 15th 2020

1986-1995 Toyota SR5 4WD to 1998 – 2003 Volkswagen 1.9L TDI                            

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Finally the power and economy you’ve been craving!  DCS has taken into account all of the major steps and created a kit which contains all of the hard to manufacture & hard to configure parts.   This kit is designed for the Toyota manual transmission ONLY.


A few things to consider before this conversion.:

Number 1, because this conversion package requires the transmission to be moved forward, the floor pan and potentially the lower portion of the dash will need to be altered to clear the shifter. 

Number 2--and this is a big one-- we do not, at this time, have wiring information for these conversions. A wiring modifications service is not currently available from DCS. 

Number 3, for IFS trucks a significant (4.5 inch) lift is required to drop the front differential down enough to clear the oil pan of the TDI.

Number 4, The ALH was in different models of car in different years:

1998 through 2003 New Beetle
late 1999 (sometimes called '99.5) through 2003 Jetta sedan
2001 through 2003 Jetta Wagon (these are not called Sportwagon)
late 1999 through 2003 Golf


IFS (Independent Front Suspension) trucks require a 4 or 5 inch suspension lift that include a differential drop bracket. This is necessary to make room for oil pan clearance.  DCS chose Rough Country for our lift kit and we are pleased with the fitment and quality of the components.

Engine Performance & Anti-Theft

Bypassing the Anti-theft with a “tune” is a must.   You’ll also have the option of additional performance at the same time.  It’s possible to utilize the VW instrument cluster however we chose to simplify the wiring to the greatest extent possible.  When it comes to wiring less is best, in our opinion!

Transmission Adapter plate

Mates the engine and transmission with better than factory parts using aircraft quality 6061 aluminum.  For correct starter engagement a crankshaft spacer is included.  The crank spacer is important for proper clutch function as well.  The Toyota starter is used with this application.

Intercooler Tubes

One of the more time consuming parts of a project is mocking-up intercooler plumbing.   Due to the variance in year / models we supply the bung to weld-in the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor.

Steering Stabilizer relocation

This lowers the steering stabilizer for oil pan clearance.  No holes to drill.  This utilizes an abandoned hole in the front differential housing.

You will need a cowl hood to retain the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Valve.