General Diesel Performance Tips

Posted by Diesel Conversion on Oct 15th 2020

For starters, turbo charged diesels are fairly simple in that they follow a general rule of thumb when it comes to performance: More Air + More fuel = More power. This is always true, but when it comes to practically using this power the air/fuel ratio comes into effect at some point. The most efficient burn of diesel fuel does not produce smoke, but since diesel needs a good amount of air to burn properly, and since fuel is needed to drive the turbo charger, a puff of smoke is often noticed- especially with performance combinations. Short bursts of power like sled pulling trucks can get away with more fuel than a truck pulling a long pass- since the exhaust temperatures are more manageable since the truck is shut down right after the few second pull. The point of all this is if you increase fuel, especially after a certian point- turbo upgrades are a must, unless you don't mind burned valves or pistons.

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