12 Valve High Mount A/C bracket using GM alternator

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DCS High Mount A/C is necessary for Chevy / GMC trucks that are 4WD with Independent Front Suspension (IFS) when using the DCS engine mounts.

If you do not have the upper water neck that is pointing straight up (#3285102), you will need to change to Cummins #3285102, DCS part 2624

If your lower water neck is not pointing down at a 45° angle you will need to change to Cummins #3934877, DCS part 3102 (Note: The included instructions will instruct you on how to make a modification to this lower water neck for A/C compressor clearance.)

Must have 2nd Gen or "New Style" Fan Hub. If you're not certain which fan hub you have please click the link below and scroll down the page a bit to see pictures for positive identification. https://www.dieselconversion.com/blog/cat/engine-information/post/Cummins-Engine-Information/

Alternator bracket is designed to fit 1996 – 2000 Vortec style alternator.

Will not fit 24 valve as configured.

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