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Land Rover

Posted by Diesel Conversion on Oct 15th 2020


To begin with, this won’t be an extensive overview as we just haven’t had the opportunity to explore all of the possible fitment options. We developed the transmission-to-transfer case adapter to leave the engine options as open as possible. Put in a 3.3 Cummins, a 5.0 Ford or a big electric motor—the limits are yours.


Land Rover brought the Range Rover to U.S. shores in 1986 (sales technically began in 1987), first with the LT 230 transfer case, a very stout gear driven center diff- locking full-time unit. In 1989 the chain driven Borg Warner 1361 transfer case was introduced and carried on until 1995 when the Range Rover “Classic” (and that model year had a one year only t-case) was retired. In 1994, just prior to the end of the Range Rovers twenty three year global run, Land Rover domestically released the Discovery I. Designed to fit between the ever more posh Range Rover and the utilitarian Defender (officially sold here in 1993, 94, 95 and 97). Both the Discovery and the Defender were fitted with versions of the LT230, some of the Discovery II’s sported what is known as the 42D when Land Rover began relying on electronic traction control and did not include all of the center diff lock mechanisms to all years of the D2.

All of the Rover platforms are great for a long range cruise or venturing off-road. Comfortable and capable as they are, reliability issues, the less than stellar power levels and catastrophic fuel mileage have all combined to make some of them fairly cheap and obtainable for the average Joe.


When it came to building an adapter, the common denominator was the transfer cases, so we aimed for refitting from the transfer case forward, intentionally leaving the engine choice completely open. This adapter bolts an NV 3550 or light-duty 23 spline (output) NV 4500 to the transfer case of any Range Rover Classic up to 1995, any Discovery up to 2004, and any Defender with an LT 230. You choose the power plant.


<>If (and this is a BIG if) you are considering swapping in a diesel, make sure you are cautious about t-case choice, not all LT 230’s have the same final drive, so changing to diesel specific t-case or gearing changes may be required to achieve adequate highway speeds.


Out of the box you get an assembled package made up of; transfer case adapter plate, carrier bearing, snap ring and spud shaft ready go between the various LT230’s or 1361 transfer case and the NV 3550 or 23 spline NV 4500. The plate and NV 3550 together are about 18.500 inches long (WITHOUT the bell housing). The transfer case does not need to be indexed, nor does the driveline need any modification, so the original remaining components can stay in the stock location.

Land Rover Adapter- Click Here


Providing just an adapter has lead us away from our normal protocol of providing a complete kit with detailed instruction manual and a real human providing technical support when you call. The onus is now entirely on YOU to not only fit the power plant of your choice but to deal with all the fabricating, wiring and any other potentially debilitating events that will most likely arise during a custom conversion. However, as more conversions are done, more parts and support will be developed and made available.

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