DPS Conversion Friendly- High Flow- 24 Valve and Common Rail Exhaust Manifold (SKU 3100)

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2-Piece Manifold with improved air flow allowing better fuel efficiency while increasing overall horsepower and torque. The turbocharger must be re-oriented so that the oil drain tube points straight down. Using this manifold requires the removal and blocking of the waste gate actuator on all stock 24 valve turbos. A 2003-2004 Cummins turbo can be substituted if waste gate function is desired.

The manifold also fits 6.7 Cummins engines, however the stock turbo does not connect to it! The stock flange is T-3.

Stock manifolds are known to shrink significantly, causing manifold-cracking, gasket problems, and exhaust flow problems created by exhaust port misalignment. The 2-Piece Manifold, on the other hand, allows manifold to expand and contract with heat, eliminating warping and cracking to the manifold, eliminating the dreaded manifold shrinkage.

Features Include:

  • Flow tested and balanced for increased balanced exhaust flow, while maintaining velocity for increased turbo spool up.
  • Includes block gaskets, and two bolts.
  • Drilled/Tapped ports, two sizes, for pyrometer and pressure fitting.
  • Made from Moly-Bendum Ductile Iron.
  • Black High Temperature Coating
  • Comes pressed together, pressure tested and ready to install.

Use of stock 24 valve turbo requires 2385 wastegate actuator kit.

**All DPS Exhaust Manifolds have been granted an exemption by CARB, which means they are legal to be installed and used in the state of California

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Exhaust Manifold
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24 Valve- 1999-2002
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Common Rail 5.9- 2003-2007