Swap Helper Tach Adapter - Including Pigtail

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Provide a smooth, reliable tachometer signal to your Cummins converted truck. The SWAPHELPER is an electronic signal conditioning device. By utilizing the OEM Dodge Cummins tachometer sensor, whether cam or crankshaft position respectively, the SWAPHELPER then provides the correct signal to the receiving truck’s ECM. Not only does the tachometer function properly; any other function of the truck that is dependent upon the tachometer signal also functions as it should. Not all, but the late model trucks require tachometer for cruise control, alternator charging function, and more.

When you use the DCS wire harness modification service the SWAPHELPER will be plug & play for your convenience.

If you have an ‘industrial / commercial’ Cummins engine you’ll need to acquire the Dodge sensor. You’ll also want to review the Industrial Cummins Engines section in the following link. Cummins Engine Information

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